Since last March 23rd, our family ready-to-wear company Lener Cordier ( Maison Lener ,  Chemins Blancs and Trench & Coat ) has been more than ever mobilized for the fight against the spread of Covid 19. A vast movement of solidarity has been set up within our company and we have dedicated our workshop in Hazebrouck in the north of France to: * produce more than 100,000 Category 1 masks approved by the Directorate General of Armament. * ensure the manufacture of 40,000 kits of non-woven gowns for hospitals and health services, assembled thanks to a highly invested network of volunteers! * to develop a reusable blouse in order to achieve an average production of 10,000 blouses per week. Today, we have decided to launch : The mask factory . What is the mask factory ? It is a collection of reusable barrier masks developed by our teams in France and according to the AFNOR SPEC S76-001 recommendations. This protective mask, designed to block the projection of droplets when you speak, breathe, sneeze and cough, is composed of 3 layers: * a 1st layer of fabric pleasant to wear * a 2nd layer of non-woven filter material * a 3rd outer layer of fabric in 17 pretty colors These masks are sold at the responsible price of 18€ per set of 2 masks to protect you on a daily basis (it is recommended to change it after 4 hours)! In the current situation, it may take a little longer for your order to arrive, we thank you for your patience and trust! To learn more about the different actions carried out by our teams for the mobilization against the coronavirus,  click here.