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Looking for the perfect trendy coat? Then you've come to the right place. Here you can get to know our autumn winter collection of women's coats. You can expect unrivalled comfort and warmth, combined with soft, noble materials for a feminine and elegant silhouette.

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Mottled red wool short coat
Flared black alpaca coat
Checked patchwork overshirt
Mottled blue wool short coat


If there is just one essential piece of clothing in our winter wardrobe, it is the coat. And that's just as well, because the Chemins Blancs coats are irresistible! Warm, soft, comfortable, timeless or trendy, our coats will delight you and make you spend a perfect winter, wrapped up in style and superbly feminine! We offer you a nice choice of shapes: short with a modernised pea-coat or our ultra trendy overshirt, for chic casual or trendy sportswear outfits. Mid-length with two wraparound shapes, easy to wear, chic and timeless. Long with two ultra feminine and trendy core models. You're sure to find what you're looking for, something to suit your style and your body type. Created in our workshops in Hazebrouck and manufactured in our factory in Ukraine with the know-how of our parent company Lener Cordier, our coats warm you up with beautiful, delicate, quality materials. Our woollens are carefully selected for a perfect comfort and an optimal feeling of warmth to face the winter cold. Alpaca, virgin wool, cashmere, mohair, blends of natural materials, our fabrics are produced by French or Italian suppliers with whom we have been working for many years. In a concern for eco-responsibility, which is very important to us, we improve our products with each new collection and use eco-responsible materials as much as possible. Our finishing touches, always careful and refined, bring a real added value to our designs: pretty buttons, stitching details, nicely worked pockets, and our iconic linings, the timeless signature of Chemins Blancs. For this autumn/winter collection, we have chosen soft colours, off-white, mint green, but also chic and timeless shades, black, camel, navy blue, as well as a very graphic two-tone chevron, for timeless or more trendy looks. Between our beautiful long alpaca travel coats, our oversized mid-length shapes or our pea-coat and our overshirt, the choice is yours! A timeless and ultra-feminine look in a long coat, a casual and dynamic look in a refined and a sublime "egg" model, sporty chic spirit in a pea coat or trendy in an overshirt. What more could you ask for? You have it all!

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