Spring Summer collection


A spring/summer 2022 collection that reconnects us with nature, with gardens of many colors, bright whites, delicate pastels and flamboyant reds. The natural materials, linen, cotton, FSC viscose, are soft and light. We dream that we are lying in the grass, that we are escaping in the flowery alleys of extraordinary gardens!

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Spring Summer collection

Lying in the soft grass, gazing up at the luminous blue sky, listening to the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves, inhaling the sweet and subtle scents of flowers and herbs, just enjoying nature and the present moment; welcome to the new Chemins Blancs spring/summer collection 2022. For this new season, we wish to bring nature in the spotlight. Invigorating nature, poetic nature, magnificent nature, this new story of the Chemins Blancs collection takes you to magical, fairy-tale gardens that invite you to dream and sense freedom. For several seasons now, we have been committed to becoming more and more eco-responsible; for this spring/summer, we wanted to show our love for nature in our themes as well as in our choice of materials. Let us take you to our beautiful gardens! First of all, the "Botanical Garden", full of life and colors. A luminous theme inspired by botanical boards. White is the key to sublimate a very beautiful linen fabric that can be worn as a three-piece suit or with a deceptively wise dress, a 70's spirit of freedom and gaiety. Pastel yellow, borrowed from the first flowers of spring, is used to dress a pretty cotton short that we imagine worn in the garden, between two rows of tulips! One of the key prints of this theme features small flowers sown by the wind in fields as far as the eye can see. Poppies, daisies, honeysuckles, little touches of red on a bright white, a real poem that makes you want to dance in the sun! The second theme of our collection is called "wild garden", a garden in which untamed nature reveals all its richness and strength. We dream of life in the open air, where the greens harmonize to form magical pictures. It is a fresh and light theme, in which two prints play the stars: a pretty sowing of white daisies on a green background for a beautiful light cotton, and a print worthy of the impressionist painters where the flowers and leaves melt into a delicate pale yellow in a soft and silky FSC viscose. Fluid jumpsuits, airy and feminine dresses, litlle, refined tops, the wild garden celebrates a femininity in osmosis with nature, which cultivates its secret garden. We lose ourselves between the branches that caress our faces, we dip our feet in the clear water of a pretty stream, nature shares its beneficial energy with us, and we feel light and invigorated! Finally, when the temperatures rise and summer sets in, it's time for the "tropical garden", both languorous and vitamin-rich, for a lush and generous nature. The silhouettes evoke the sun, ripe fruit and the heat of summer. It is a theme that invites you to get away, to travel, with subtle looks, light and vaporous volumes, a nature that is both twirling and raw, a nature that brings us back to the essential. Tobacco-colored linen is declined in an ultra-feminine suit, white cotton dungarees with red stripes invite us to languor under the parasols, and the flagship print of this theme, inspired by pointillism, highlights a beautiful raspberry red on a FSC viscose. We dance with a light petticoat or a long dress with a bohemian spirit, amid blooming plants and sun-drenched plants. It's a time of red fruits, of flower scents that we inhale at the top of our lungs, of flaming sunsets, where nature invites us to recharge our batteries in her arms. For this new spring/summer Chemins Blancs collection, women will be natural and naturally beautiful!

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