Road trip


Chemins Blancs invites you on a stylish and ultra feminine road trip to Bruges! Discover our masculine/feminine looks and our bohemian looks for peppy outfits! For summer evenings, opt for our pretty knits !

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Black V-neck pullover front...

Road trip

At the end of winter, when a timid sun gently warms the sky, we start to dream of evasion, to get some fresh air and wake up from the winter languor. For the start of this spring/summer season Chemins Blancs invites you for a weekend trip to the beautiful city of Bruges, so pretty with its canals and cobbled streets, for a stylish and ultra-feminine road trip, a nice way to leave the greyness behind and start the arrival of spring. 

Join us for this first chapter that mixes a beautiful floral print, masculine/feminine looks and slightly bohemian silhouettes, for modern and energetic outfits.

The taylored suits are the stars of this early season with two navy blue striped ensembles : tone-on-tone stripes for our Sashi short Spencer, which you can match with our Seth sailor trousers, or multicoloured lurex stripes for our superb Squali blazer which we coordinate with the 7/8th Songes trousers or the Sailor shorts for a trendy look ! Perfect outfits for working girls who want to break the routine and mix with our floral print tops, Pagani or Palmiano, as well as with our white tops with their delicate stripes. Opt for Poetry, one of our best-sellers, or Pleiade, for a bohemian chic look. 

Put on your trainers and hop in the car, Flanders is waiting for you! 

Escape with our beautiful multicoloured floral print on a black background. Adopt the bohemian Pesaro long skirt for a bike ride along the canals or the Perugia long dress for a walk on the Place du Bourg. For a more timeless and equally feminine look, go for the Pliz dress or the Palavas 40's style, a beautiful basic. 

Black is obviously in the mood for a successful start to the season: choose the straight Varo trousers or the carrot cut of our Sadie for casual or chic silhouettes, and we fall for the beautiful jacquard viscose of our Ponta models, a pretty wallet dress, or our black Prom top with its V-neck and lurex braid. 

The pretty knits warm up the cool days: Be Ciao loose jumper in black or navy, Be Buono cardigan, or Be Luna and Be Amore, models enhanced with refined and crisp lurex, we start spring with basic colours, black, navy blue, white, which are a nice transition between winter and spring. For the cooler afternoons, we have created a pretty short jacket with a spring pattern, the Parco, or the Prague coat without collar for those who are cold. 

A dynamic and feminine start to the season, all in delicacy!