Soft nature


Summer is here! Take a sunny walk in the countryside with Chemins Blancs! Discover our floral prints this season and adopt a modern and trendy look this summer!

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Soft nature

Arms full of flowers for a bucolic stroll in the spring sunshine, the second chapter of our spring/summer collection gives a proud place to an invigorating nature that celebrates all the beauty and magic of spring. Bright white, powder pink, apple green, poppy red, we mix pretty flowers with our vitaminazed colours to bring a little poetry into the routine, and escape with the softness of romantic and ultra-feminine looks. This is the Soft Nature theme. 

Dolce Vita spirit for silhouettes that oscillate between whites, ecru and pastel pinks: you succumb to the delicacy of a seedling of flowers laid on a light veil that plays with light and transparency. The Powder Top is the perfect complement for our ecru trouser suit with fine stripes, the Seaside jacket and the Steam trousers, the Palm shirt which perfectly matches our Provins skirt in powder pink or our Persian trousers in brick pink. Our thoughts escape on little paths lost in the middle of nature.

Pastel pinks are worn like a second skin: Pavie printed long jacket, Peubla trouser suit, irresistible, Palm cotton voile shirt which we combine with Potsdam trousers for a colour block silhouette under the sign of softness. We slip into springtime by celebrating the subtle colours of the flowers that we come across on the little paths: rosehips, wild roses, honeysuckle. 

The silhouettes are luminous with our white cotton gauze tops. We adopt the Pooh top for a bohemian look, or we mix the Platino shirt with jeans for a casual chic style. 

Bright colours are not to be outdone in this country ballet, and a magnificent floral print completes this theme which is a real ode to nature.

You can't resist the energetic colour of our Sita jacket, available in apple green or poppy red. Combine it with our Sailor shorts and the Palmiano thin strapped printed top for a modern and trendy look. For those who want a more timeless outfit, you can opt for our Shopti straight trousers or our Pemma skirt. We want to have colour in our lives! 

Last but not least, we highlight one of this season's flagship prints: a poetic mix of flowers on a pink background worked on beautiful soft viscose. Light Plumie skirt, Paradiso long dress or Pignano wallet dress, we drape ourselves in softness for feminine and refined looks. 

Joie de vivre and bucolic flights for this spring/summer 2021, we can't resist!