Chemins Blancs takes you on safari! Dare to wear our superb ethnic print with our boy-friend shirt and fluid trousers! This summer, discover our key pieces for hot days, our sleeveless jumpsuits!

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Sun-drenched landscapes and a flamboyant summer for the third chapter of our spring/summer 2021 collection. Entitled safari, a word that originally means "travel", it is a theme that invites you to dream of faraway lands, where languor and warmth are tamed for afternoons between idleness and exploration. 

Holidays are at hand, or almost at hand, and we want to start believing in them, we dream of greenery, calm, days without constraints. 

While waiting to fill up, let us take you far, far away with the last chapter of our spring/summer collection. 

Honour to the "natural" colours with brown, white and black, which harmonise perfectly with each other for casual chic outfits with a touch of adventure. 

You think you're an urban explorer in our brown linen belted Sadeo blazer, mix it with our Steam cigarette trousers, and you're ready to conquer the world. Working-girl yes, but with style! 

To play the evasion card, we opt for our superb ethnic print : boy-friend shirt Pégou associated to the belted trousers Sambre, flowing trousers Paciano that we wear with a loose jumper during cool evenings, belted dress Pomela for an ethnic and feminine look, the hardest thing is to choose ! 

Our trouser suits are the centrepieces of hot days, Piaggia sleeveless black jumpsuit, ultra feminine, or the Pirene model declined in an ethnic print for a casual look, we adopt them for their unbeatable comfort, the top when the sun is at its zenith ! 

Finally, we don't forget our ultra feminine long dresses : the pure and delicate style of our Planada model, declined in black or white, or the "holiday" spirit of the Piero halter dress sublimated by the ethnic print. 

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself walking in the dunes. Is that it? Are you there yet?