Manufacturing & creation process

Creating a collection is a long-term creative and technical process that takes several months. First of all, it is a period of reflection for us, the style team: a phase of inspirational research , forms, details and designs; an important stage during which a vision of the future collection begins to emerge.

Then, we go to the Première Vision show to find treasures of fabrics and accessories. We meet our suppliers, with whom we have been working for a long time, and choose our materials,  mainly French or Italian.  We fall in love with a print or a material, always keeping in mind the identity of Chemins Blancs.

It is from this moment that we get to the heart of the matter with the construction of what we call the ""material boards",  a step that allows us to develop the different themes of the collection, with first the prints, because they are for us a primordial basis of inspiration, then the solid materials, and accessories. Nothing is left to chance and everything is the result of creative and thoughtful work to give the collection a beautiful coherence, so that each theme is different but also complementary, as a book is articulated on various chapters. The "collection plan" thus gradually takes shape: we create our outfits, the looks of the season, its atmosphere...

A meticulous work awaits us then, it is the designing phase. We draw our designs according to the selected materials and inspirations


 The most creative part of the collection therefore takes place throughout this second phase. The third, equally important, and much more technical, will now be implemented.

For each product we have designed, and which has been validated, we write a technical sheet and prepare a file which will be sent to our garment workshop in Ukraine, where our teams have been trained in the techniques and know-how of Lener Cordier. This file will serve as a working basis for our Ukrainian pattern makers who will first design on paper and then create the first canvas. Finally, once these prototypes are manufactured, we then try the models for the right fittings with Svetlana, our chief modeler. This allows us to make some alterations and adjustments and to validate each part. There we go! The collection is ready to be manufactured.

Each new season, we hold our breath at the moment we unveil the collection: it represents hours of creativity, research and sewing techniques for us: an exciting investment that we are happy to renew and dress you in Chemins Blancs.

In recent years, environmental issues have emerged, challenging the sector to renew and rethink itself. Chemins Blancs and Lener Cordier are concerned by these issues and want to act to do even better. We have always worked with natural fibres, such as wool or cotton, artificial materials with a lower environmental impact, but also beautiful, noble and responsible materials such as alpaca, particularly for our coat collection.

To avoid waste, we are careful about the employment of fabrics.  Since several years we have been reusing our material stocks and patterns to relaunch your most popular designs; an occasion to give new life and also not to waste raw materials.  In addition, by offering quality and workmanship, we guarantee a long lasting life for our designs, which is obviously an important asset for our loyal customers but also beneficial in terms of the use of resources in general.

Today, our concern is focused on the future of the ready-to-wear sector, and we want to continue the adventure by remaining a committed player, both for our future and that of the planet. 

Time is running out, but the flame of the beginning is still present. With this desire, and all the assets we possess, there is no doubt that we will take up this challenge all together.


& commitment

A brand is built with values, ideas and desires. The ideas are essential, they make it possible to keep a creative process necessary for the renewal of collections intact. The desires are like a small flame, a passion that is maintained: passion for a job well done, passion to satisfy you, passion for our profession. Values are a pillar, a foundation that allows us to never lose our focus, in order to remain faithful to our commitments.

Lener Cordier's commitments as a manufacturer are an integral part of the Chemins Blancs brand philosophy. The company exist for more than 60 years and has always wanted to keep its fundamentals. Its founder, Marguerite Lener, started the business in 1954, a time when it was less common than today to see women entrepreneurs.  This notion is deeply rooted, and Lener Cordier has always put women in the center of the company, with their humanity and strength.

We have been manufacturers since the beginning: which allows us to control all processes.  Thus, all the professions specific to clothing are integrated into the company : from styling to pattern making, from prototyping to confection, up to sales and communication, everything is managed internally. Our production units in Ukraine (geographical Europe) allow us to work on a short and controlled production line. We also choose our materials carefully: mainly French or Italian fabrics, which we order from our loyal suppliers, and with whom we have been working for several decades.


Our values

Beyond mentioning the know-how, at Chemins Blancs and Lener Cordier, we are committed to discuss about interpersonal skills. Indeed, we share values with our mother company that are unique to us and that are passed on from generation to generation by all the company's staff.


Like a big family, the employees who work at Lener Cordier and Chemins Blancs are united around generosity, ethics, benevolence, and true humility. These values are noticed on a daily basis, in the life of the company, but also in the way the brand is thought of as a commercial entity. We manufacture our garments with honesty and respect for each actor in the process.


We believe that what makes Lener Cordier's success is above all the sum of the people who work for the company and invest their personal and professional qualities. The French company was proud to pay tribute to its employees by bringing them on stage to create and perform a musical comedy that told the company's story for its 50th anniversary since its creation. In memory of this special moment, a book has been published: a way to express a big THANK YOU.


Beyond all the obligations that the company must face in order to remain on the market, it is important to us to offer the best possible quality/price ratio by choosing beautiful materials while trying to be as fair as possible in calculating our margins.


The transmission of expertise has always been the cornerstone of our work: a way of thinking, producing and marketing the clothing that represents the very reason for the company. Talking about Lener Cordier's values also means evoking the family heritage of a company that has been perpetuating know-how for over 60 years with pride and determination.  

Today, the 4th generation Lener works within the company, and we hope that the adventure will continue for a long time, in order to express essential, human, generous and authentic values.