The brand "Chemins Blancs"



The story begins more than 20 years ago, with the meeting between a french industrial, Frédéric LENER, and a dutch photo model, Monique KOLEN (Moko). A short time after that, during a visit in Amsterdam, Monique discovers a surprising sentence written in different languages on a white shirt, which she offers to Frédéric : “Sur les Chemins Blancs, il est midi éternellement” (On the White Paths, it is noon for ever). Wishing to unite their worlds through a brand in 1990, the name was all found : “Chemins Blancs”. This thought, as well poetic, as nordic, cosmopolitan and resolutely optimistic, carries the whole mission of the brand today.


Inspired by delicate details, clean cuts, signature printed and sumptuous fabrics, Moniquer Lener (Moko), CHEMINS BLANCS’s creator and designer, loves poetry and femininity. From the landscape of her native Holland, her travels, to the encounters of her musical universe, everything is a source of inspiration that breathes in the CHEMINS BLANCS collections. Every woman can express and identify herself through this timeless and contemporary fashion. Clothes which make us feel like “On the White Paths, it is noon for ever”.