Dresses of this season sign an elegant perfection. Silhouettes are underlined, highlighted thin waist dresses: a glamorous 40’s spirit decline in an “art deco” print or in a bright red to play the rock star for a day! Knitted dresses are flexible, clean and enhance modern looks while our long or medium pieces, bohemian and chic, will be unveiled in bright colors like khaki or red, unified or printed for aerial and graceful silhouettes. Two prints complete this ideal ward-robe: our liberty print and our black veil with golden jacquard, you will be irresistible! At last, the wrap dress, so trendy, will imposes itself this season and will be declined in knits, lurex or with a printed fabric. Set of lengths, fabrics, colors, the perfect panoply to creat your own look, your style with the Chemins Blancs treadmark.

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