Flower Power

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    Feminine by definition, the low-cut neckline dress PALAVAS is the one you need for this summer's special occasions. A ceremony, an evening or a dinner for two, it is made to stand out! A crossed front neckline, a high waist and "butterfly" sleeves, let yourself be seduced by its assets and its brilliant colour. 100% viscose, this high-quality fabric has...

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    With its ultra feminine cut, waist link and delicate asymmetrical buttoning, our PADOVA off white short sleeved top is both trendy and timeless. A golden dot pattern inlaid in the weave gives a shiny touch to this summery top. 100% viscose, this fabric has been produced by our loyal French supplier, based in Francheville, with whom we have been working...

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    Wide and flowing, the printed straight trousers PARTIRA are the chic and comfortable pants of this summer. Elasticated at the waist, with pockets on the sides, its cut is simple and effective. Perfect for long summer days or to stroll around the city ! 100% viscose, this high-quality fabric has been produced by our faithful Italian printer based in Como...

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    Elegant and refined, PLASTO is a pretty feminine top elasticated at the waist and gathered at the shoulders. Its V-neck ends in front with a row of small buttons. We love the detail of the fabric with its small golden patterns! 100% viscose, this fabric has been produced by our loyal French supplier, based in Francheville, with whom we have been working...

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    PONDIE is a long sleeved printed top with an adjusted volume. Its neckline is highlighted by a black border that contrasts harmoniously with the coral background of the floral print. The detail of pleats structure nicely the bottom of the sleeve. Fresh and feminine, this flowing top brings a floral and colourful touch to your spring outfits.

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    Chic and timeless SEASIDE is aoursummer jacket with a slim fit that closes with a small metal hook. Its volume is structured by clamps and cut-outs close to the body. We love its beautiful tennis stripe that lends itself to all kinds of games ! 72% viscose 28% linen This qualitative fabric with black tennis stripes on an off white background, has been...

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    SELINE is the perfect little straight skirt for this summer. Reworked in a very beautiful striped fabric, we liked to play with the directions of the stripes. Horizontal at the waist yoke, the stripes are placed vertically on the rest of the skirt. The side pockets are also highlighted with a diagonal striped bias, in the same material. 72% viscose 28%...

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    Well proportioned and elegant, STEAM are the perfect cut cigarette pants. Revisited in a very beautiful striped fabric that recalls fresh and impeccable summer costumes, let yourself be seduced by its refined style.72% viscose 28% linen This qualitative fabric with black tennis stripes on an off white background, has been produced by our loyal Italian...

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Flowers for a radiant spring! Poppy red in the spotlight!
We take you on a bucolic walk for this second chapter of our Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Close your eyes and imagine fields of flowers, poppy reds, delicate whites, a world full of poetry that envelops you in a sweet fragrance... wearing our magnificent long dress Promie will brighten up your days with its superb floral print! One of our favorites of the season, a true ode to bohemia and femininity, which we have declined on 3 tops, 3 short dresses and a long dress, as well as flowing pants. Go for the Pondie top with its pretty black V-neck, the Pomela belted dress or the flowing trousers. A real escape on the countryside for these models that you can wear everyday for a trendy and romantic look. Poppy red and subtly delicate whites create vitaminized silhouettes: mix our red pants Shopti with the superb white Plasto blouse, dress up blue jeans with the white Padova top and our red slim-fitted jacket Sita, or fall for one of the other trendy tops of the season, and of course our Sailor shorts that you will wear in a casual version with the white t-shirt Dante and sneakers.
We bet on red for a radiant skin tone: the Perdono top, the structured Palavas dress with its refined V-neck or our Preppy fluid short skirt, delicate and comfortable materials that will be perfect for the beginning of spring and you will never leave during season.
Finally, you will discover a lot of softness with the finesse of an off-white embellished fabric with fine blue stripes. For a working girl look, wear our  Seaside jacket and mix it with the straight pants Steam or the Seline skirt. An impeccable look for a ‘’100 per hour’’ days or for more ceremonial outfits. The days are getting longer, the sun is setting slowly but surely, it's time to wake up our looks! Lets go for it!