Last Update 10/10/2018
The Company Lener Cordier is a specialized in designing, producing and distributing ready-to-wear
articles and associated services. In this context, the company develops under the Brand CHEMINS
BLANCS, ready-to-wear and sleeved articles (Coats, Trench, Jackets…) distributed on the online
These general sales terms and conditions (thereafter « General Sales Terms and Conditions ») shall
apply to any purchase processed by a “Web User”/physical person (thereafter « CUSTOMER ») under
the Web Site (thereafter « Web Site ») alongside Lener Cordier, SA
Registered in the Dunkerque trade register under number 308199140, with its head office located at
39 rue de Merville, 59 Hazebrouck, France Tel : +33(0)328429111, email :
(thereafter « SUPPLIER »).
The textile articles distributed under the brand CHEMINS BLANCS are ready-to-wear and sleeved
articles (Coats, Dresses, Tops, Pants, Jackets…). These articles are proposed each season, at the
rate of one collection per season, that is 2 collections per year: One collection for Autumn-Winter and
one collection for Spring-Summer. The PRODUCTS offered for retail sale on the Web Site CHEMINS
BLANCS, are current season’s PRODUCTS, PRODUCTS rolled over from one season to another, or
permanent PRODUCTS. Previous seasons PRODUCTS are offered for retail sale in the “OUTLET”
section of the Web Site.
Any order processed under the Web Site implies mandatorily the unconditional acceptance of
the CUSTOMER to these General Sales Terms and Conditions.
The words used thereafter have, in these General Sales terms and Conditions, the following
§ « CUSTOMER »: defines the co-contractor of the SUPPLIER, who recognizes being
considered as a CUSTOMER as define by the French law and French case law. For this
reason, it is, specifically mentioned that this « CUSTOMER » acts outside any current or
commercial activity
§ « Delivery »: defines the first presentation of the PRODUCTS ordered by the CUSTOMER at
the delivery address mentioned at the time of the order.
§ « PRODUCT »: defines all the PRODUCTS available on the website.
§ « TERRITORY»: defines Metropolitan France (Excluding DOM/TOM), DOM/TOM as well as
some foreign countries.
The General Sales Terms and Conditions herein govern sale of PRODUCTS by The SELLER to the
The CUSTOMER is clearly informed and accepts that the Website is addressed to non-professional
CUSTOMERS and thus professional CUSTOMERS must contact the commercial department of The
SELLER in order to benefit from specific contractual conditions.
The CUSTOMER undertakes to read carefully the General sales terms and conditions herein and to
accept them before he proceeds and confirm the payment of the PRODUCTS order registered on the
The General Sales Terms and Conditions herein are mentioned in every bottom page of the Website
with a link and must be reviewed before ordering. The CUSTOMER is invited to read carefully, upload,
print the General Sales Terms and keep a copy.
THE SELLER advises the CUSTOMER to read these General Sales Terms and Conditions for each
new order, as the last version of these General Sales Terms and Conditions apply to any new
PRODUCT order.
By clicking on the first button to order then clicking on a second button to confirm the order, the
CUSTOMER acknowledges having read understand and accepted the General Sales Terms and
The consent must be expressed clearly and without ambiguity. Indeed, when you accept to receive
communication from us:
§ We explain how we will use the data, and the type of communication that you will receive
§ You must tick one box to validate your consent to subscribe.
§ Children ageing less than 13 years old cannot give their consent.
You can, at any time, whithdraw your consent. Should you wish to unsubscribe out of our direct
marketing via newsletters, you can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of the emailing page.
If you already have an account on our Website, you can also unsubscribe or change your personal
preferences by connecting to your profile.
You have, at any time, the possibility to simply and freely oppose your registration by getting in « My
account » on our Website or by mail at the following address: LENERCORDIER – CHEMINS BLANCS
Department - 39, rue de Merville - 59190 HAZEBROUCK.
THE SELLER, as the responsible for the processing of the personal data, consolidates the
CUSTOMER personal data in his database. THE SELLER is processing this database according to
the amended French Data Protection Act n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 and to the regulation (EU)
2016/679 Of April 27, 2016, applicable as from Mai 25th, related to protection of personal data of legal
persons and free movement of these data.
The data collected by THE SELLER are processed for the purpose of fulfilling an order on the
Website, Managing the CUSTOMER account, analyzing the orders and, if the CUSTOMER has
chosen the option, sending commercial prospecting mail, newsletters, promotional offers and/or
information about special sale events, except if the CUSTOMER do not wish to receive any more
these information from THE SELLER. The prospection by e-mail on PRODUCTS or services not
similar to THE SELLER’s PRODUCTS by third parties is possible only if the CUSTOMER has given
his/her prior written consent.
THE SELLER has set up a charter relative to personal data protection of his CURTOMERS an which
is available at the following address: (« Privacy policy - Confidentiality and processing of Personal data»). The
CUSTOMER acknowledges having acquainted the chart related to personal data protection.
In order to purchase a PRODUCT, the CUSTOMER must be at least 18 years of age with full legal
capacity or if under the age of majority, be able to justify the agreement of his/her legal
Notwithstanding Article 4, the CUSTOMER provides information allowing him/her to be identified by
registering the registration form available on the WEBSITE and consents to the processing of his/her
personal data by Lener Cordier or its sub-contractors. The symbol (*) indicates the required fields that
need to be completed so that The SELLER can proceed with the CUSTOMER order. The
CUSTOMER can track the status of his/her order on the WEBSITE. The deliveries may, when
possible, be tracked, by using online tracking tools of carriers. The CUSTOMER may as well, contact,
at any time, the commercial department of The SELLER, by email at, in order
to obtain information about his/her order status.
The information provided by the CUSTOMER to The SELLER when placing an order, must be
accurate, full and updated. The SELLER reserves the right to require confirmation to the CUSTOMER,
by any appropriate means, of his/her identity, eligibility and information provided.
Article 6.1 Characteristics of the PRODUCTS
The SELLER undertakes to show main characteristics of the PRODUCTS (Available on the
PRODUCT information sheets on the WEBSITE) as well as compulsory information that must be
provided to the CUSTOMER under the applicable law (in accordance with the General Sales Terms
and Conditions herein).
The CUSTOMER undertakes to read carefully these information before placing the order directly on
Unless expressly stated otherwise on the WEBSITE, all PRODUCTS sold by The SELLER are new
and in conformity with European legislation under European standards applicable by the EEC as well
as the applicable standards in France.
Article 6.2. Order process
The PRODUCTS orders are directly placed on the WEBSITE. In order to process an order, the
CUSTOMER must follow the steps as described below (Please note that depending on the starting
page of the CUSTOMER, the steps described below may slightly differ).
6.2.1. PRODUCTS selection and purchase options
The CUSTOMER will choose the PRODUCT(S) of his/her choice by clicking the selected
PRODUCT(S) and by choosing the desired characteristics and quantities. Once the PRODUCT is
selected, it is placed in the CUSTOMER’s basket. The CUSTOMER may then add as many
PRODUCTS as he/she wishes.
6.2.2. Orders
Once the PRODUCTS are selected and placed in the basket, the CUSTOMER must click in the
basket and check that the order content is correct. Should the CUSTOMER has not done it before, he
is then invited to log in or subscribe to the WEBSITE.
Once the CUSTOMER has validated the content of his/her basket, and has logged in or subscribed, a
form automatically filled in will appear online and which summarize the price, related VAT and if
applicable, delivery expenses.
The CUSTOMER is asked to check the content of his/her order (including the quantity, the
characteristics and references of the ordered PRODUCTS, the invoicing address, mean of payment
and the price) before confirming the order content.
The CUSTOMER may then proceed with the payment of the PRODUCTS according to the instructions
provided on the WEBSITE and give all information necessary for the invoicing and to the PRODUCTS
DELIVERY. Concerning the PRODUCTS for which options are available, these specific references
appear once the right options are selected. All orders must be assorted with all the necessary
information to ensure the order is processed appropriately.
The CUSTOMER must select the shipping method as well.
6.2.3. Acknowledgement of receipt
Once all steps, as described above, are processed, a page acknowledging receipt of the CUSTOMER
order appears on the WEBSITE. A copy of this order acknowledgment of receipt is automatically sent
by email to the CUSTOMER, provided that the email address registered in the registration form is
THE SELLER does not send any order confirmation by postal mail or facsimile.
6.2.4. Invoicing
During the order process, the CUSTOMER will have to register the information required for the
invoicing (the symbol (*) indicates the required fields that need to be completed so that the order can
be processed by THE SELLER)
The CUSTOMER has to register clearly all information related to the DELIVERY, and specifically the
exact DELIVERY address, as well as the access code to the DELIVERY address.
The CUSTOMER will have to specify the selected mean of payment.
Neither the order form set by the CUSTOMER online, nor the acknowledgement of receipt sent by The
SELLER to the CUSTOMER by email can be considered as an invoice. Regardless of of the order
method or payment mode applied, the CUSTOMER will receive the original invoice with the
PRODUCT DELIVERY, inside the parcel.
6.3. Date of orders
The order date is the date on which The SELLER acknowledges receipt of the order online. The given
period begins to run from this order date.
6.4. Price
On the WEBSITE, the CUSTOMER will find the price including all taxes for each PRODUCT, as well
as the applicable shipment expenses (these shipment expenses being calculated taking into account
the parcel weight, excluding packaging and presents, the DELIVERY address and the carrier or the
transport mode selected).
These prices include in particular the VAT rate prevailing at the date of the order. Any change in the
applicable VAT rate may have an impact on the PRODUCT prices as from the date of entry into force
of this new rate.
The VAT rate applicable is expressed as a percentage of the value of the PRODUCT sold.
The SELLER’s SUPPLIER prices may be subject to changes. Accordingly, PRODUCT prices
indicated on the WEBSITE may be amended. They also can be modified in case of offers or special
Prices indicated on the WEBSITE are applicable, except evident mistake. The applicable price is the
price specified on the WEBSITE at the date when the order is placed by the CUSTOMER.
6.5. PRODUCTS availability
The unavailability of a PRODUCT is in theory mentioned on the PRODUCT page of the PRODUCT
concerned. CUTOMERS may as well be informed of the PRODUCT assortment by The SELLER.
In any case, should the unavailability be not mentioned at the date when the order is placed, The
SELLER undertakes to inform the CUSTOMER without delay when the PRODUCT is unavailable.
The SELLER may, at the CUSTOMER’s request:
Either propose to ship all PRODUCTS together at the same time, once the PRODUCT out of stock is
available again,
Or to proceed with partial DELIVERY of the PRODUCTS available in first place, then the remaining
PRODUCTS out of stock will be shipped, once they are available; this last proposal being subject to a
clear information regarding the additional shipment expenses that will be incurred.
Or to propose an alternative PRODUCT with equivalent quality and price, and accepted by the
Should the CUSTOMER decides to cancel his/her order of unavailable PRODUCTS, he/she will obtain
the reimbursement of the full amount paid for the unavailable PRODUCTS within thirty (30) days
starting from the date at which the cancellation is required by the CUSTOMER.
The SELLER informs that deliveries are executed within maximum thirty (30) days, starting from the
date at which the CUSTOMER placed the order. In default of The SELLER’s commitment, The
SELLER should be obliged by the CUSTOMER to deliver within a reasonable time and in case of nondelivery
within this time, he/she may terminate the contract.
The SELLER will reimburse to the CUSTOMER, without undue delay from the date of receipt of the
cancellation letter, the total amount paid for the PRODUCTS, including taxes and delivery expenses,
by using the same payment method as the one used by the CUSTOMER to purchase the products
The provisions governing the right of withdrawal are provided in the « withdrawal policy », available
and accessible at the bottom of each page of the WEBSITE through an hyperlink.
Withdrawal principle
The CUSTOMER has in principle the right to send back the PRODUCT to The SELLER or a third
party appointed by The SELLER, without undue delay and maximum fourteen (14) days following
his/her withdrawal decision, unless The SELLER propose to take back the product by himself.
Withdrawal period
The withdrawal period expires fourteen (14) calendar days after the day when the CUSTOMER or a
third party, other than the carrier, appointed by the CUSTOMER, takes physically possession of the
Should the CUSTOMER has ordered several PRODUCTS together in one order and subject to
multiple shipments (or in the case of one PRODUCT order in several lots), the withdrawal period will
expire fourteen (14) calendar days after the day when the CUSTOMER or a third party, other than the
carrier, appointed by the CUSTOMER, takes physically possession of the last PRODUCT delivered.
Notice of the right of withdrawal
To exercise his/her right of withdrawal, the CUSTOMER, must notify his/her decision to withdraw from
the contract herein by logging in his/her CUSTOMER account and then access to the WEBSITE
“Appendix 1” Withdrawal Form”.
To exercise his/her right of withdrawal, the CUSTOMER, must provide his/her communication
concerning the exercise of his/her right to withdrawal before expiry of the withdrawal period.
Effect of the withdrawal
In case of withdrawal from the CUSTOMER, The SELLER undertakes to reimburse entirely the
amounts paid, including shipment expenses within a reasonable delay and in any case, not exceeding
fourteen (14) days starting from the date at which The SELLER is informed of the CUSTOMER will to
The SELLER will proceed with the reimbursement by using the same payment method as the one
initially used by the CUSTOMER to purchase the products, unless the CUSTOMER expressly requires
another mean of payment, and in any case, this reimbursement will not result in additional costs
charged to the CUSTOMER.
The SELLER may delay the reimbursement until the receipt of the product or until the CUSTOMER
has provided the proof of shipment, knowing that the reference date is the date of receipt.
Procedure for Return
The CUSTOMER will, within a reasonable delay and in any case, not exceeding fourteen (14) days
starting from the date at which he/she informed The SELLER of his/her decision to withdraw from the
contract herein, send back the PRODUCT to the following address: Lener Cordier - Service ecommerce
CHEMINS BLANCS, 74 rue du milieu 59190 HAZEBROUCK
The delay is considered as met when the CUSTOMER sends back the PRODUCT before the end of
the fourteen (14) day period.
Return expenses
All products sold on the website may be subject to return. We offer return
expenses exlusively in Metropolitan France and Monaco.
You can apply for return within 14 days starting from the delivery date of the product.
Then, once we have agreed the return, you have 14 additional days to ship the product back.
Warning: The returned products shall never be worn, be brand new and returned in their original
packaging, and shipped in a packaging in good condition and correctly closed. Should the products be
returned incomplete, damaged or dirty, they would not be reimbursed.
In order to request a return you must register the request on the website and
stricly abide by the following procedure :
Step 1 : Customer account
Log in to your customer account on with your email address and password
in the section "PRODUCT RETRACTATION" and fill in the return request
From Metropolitan France and Monaco :
Step 2 : Transport label
Once the return request is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with a link to print a COLISSIMO
transport label. This e-mail will be sent directly by the Post office, so it may take a few hours to reach
your email box. You have to print the COLISSIMO transport label and stamp it on the parcel.
Step 3 : Parcel delivery at the post office
Then you have to deliver the parcel at the post office of your choice. Please keep carefully the proof of
delivery provided by the post office.
Return from abroad:
Step 2 : Parcel return
Once the return request is accepted, you have to return the parcel at your expenses to the following
address: LENER CORDIER - Service e-shop CHEMINS BLANCS 74, rue du Milieu, 59190
Hazebrouck, FRANCE.
We remind you that return costs from abroad (that is excluding Metropolitan France and Monaco) are
at the customer expenses.
Step 3 : Parcel delivery
Then you have to deliver the parcel at the carrier of your choice. Please keep carefully the proof of
delivery provided by the carrier.
Returned PRODUCT in good condition
The PRODUCT must be returned according to The SELLER instructions and must include all related
accessories delivered.
The CUSTOMER could be made responsible solely for the PRODUCT depreciation resulting from
PRODUCT handling other than those necessary to state the nature, the characteristics and
functioning of the PRODUCT. In other words, the CUSTOMER may try the PRODUCT, but he could
be made responsible if he handles the PRODUCT beyond elementary handling.
Withdrawal rights exclusion
The withdrawal right, linked with the PRODUCTS sold, is excluded in the following cases :
§ Supplies of goods and services for which prices depend on stock market fluctuation
§ Supplies of PRODUCTS made according to specifications from the CUSTOMER or
§ Supplies of PRODUCTS made that have worn at least once by the CUSTOMER
§ Supplies of PRODUCTS made for which the labels, price tags have been removed by the
A withdrawal form is prepared for the purpose of withdrawal and attached in APPENDIX 1
8.1. Means of payment
The CUSTOMER may pay his/her PRODUCTS on the WEBSITE by using the means of payments
proposed by The SELLER.
The CUSTOMER warrants to The SELLER that he/she has all authorization required to use the
payment mode chosen.
The SELLER will take all necessary measures to ensure the security and the confidentiality of the data
transmitted online as part of the online payment on the WEBSITE.
In this respect, it is stated that all the information regarding payment provided on the WEBSITE are
transmitted to the bank WEBSITE and are not processed in our WEBSITE.
8.2. Date of payment
In Case of single payment by credit card, the CUSTOMER account will be debited once the
PRODUCT order is registered on the WEBSITE.
In case of partial delivery, the total amount will be debited from the CUSTOMER account as soon as
possible once the first parcel is shipped. Should the CUSTOMER decide to cancel his/her unavailable
PRODUCTS order, the reimbursement will be processed in respect of article 6.5 of these General
sales terms and condition herein.
8.3. Delayed or refusal of payment
Should the bank refuse to debit a credit card or other mean of payment, the CUSTOMER will have to
contact The SELLER in order to pay his/her order by any other valid means of payment.
Assuming that for any reason, should it be stop payment, refusal of payment or any other reason, the
payment transfer from the CUSTOMER would be made impossible and the order will then be
cancelled and the sale automatically terminated.
Any contract with a CUSTOMER corresponding to an order amounting to over fifty (50) euros
including VAT will be filed by The SELLER during five (5) years.
According to GDPR law, the data are filed for five years.
THE SELLER accepts to file information in order to ensure tracking of the transactions.
In case of dispute, The SELLER will be in a position to prove that his electronic tracking system is
reliable and that it guarantees the integrity of transactions.
The SELLER remains the owner of the PRODUCTS delivered until he has been paid in full by the
The above provisions do not hinder the transfer of risk to the CUSTOMER, from the date of receipt by
him/her or any third party appointed by the CUSTOMER other than the carrier, in case of loss or
damage to the PRODUCT subject to retention title clause as well as the loss or damage that they it
may cause.
The delivery policy of the PRODUCTS is provided in the « Delivery Policy » section and are
accessible at the bottom of each page of the website through an hyperlink.
Delivery zone
The PRODUCTS proposed online can be delivered only on the TERRITORY.
It is impossible to place an order for which the delivery address is outside this TERRITORY.
The PRODUCTS are shipped to the delivery address(es) provided by the CUSTOMER when placing
the order.
Shipment delay
The delay under which the order is prepared and then invoiced, before the PRODUCT available in
stock is shipped, is mentioned on the WEBSITE. This delay corresponds to a timing excluding week
ends and public holidays.
An e-mail is sent automatically at the time of shipment, provided that the e-mail address registered in
the form is correct.
Delay and shipment expenses
During the order process, The SELLER mentions to the CUSTOMER the shipment delay as well as
the different shipment options proposed for the PRODUCTS bought.
Shipment costs are offered for deliveries in Metropolitan France.
For shipments outside Metropolitan France, shipment costs are calculated taking into account the
weight, the destination and the delivery method. These shipment costs will be paid by the
CUSTOMER in addition to the purchase price of the PRODUCT as mentioned after confirmation of the
delivery method in Step 4 of the payment process.
Delivery method
The parcel will be delivered to the CUSTOMER against the CUSTOMER signature and subject to
provide a proof of identity. Should the CUSTOMER be not present at the time of delivery, a transit
advice note will be left in order to allow the CUSTOMER, getting the parcel in a post office or carrier
Delay, Deliveries and availability Problems
The CUSTOMER is informed of the delivery date when he selects the carrier, at the end of the online
order process and before confirming the order.
The carrier undertakes the responsibility of the PRODUCT until its delivery to the CUSTOMER.
It is recalled that the CUSTOMER has a three (3) days to notify to the carrier identified during the
The PRODUCTS are packed in compliance with transport standards in force, in order to guarantee the
best protection to the PRODUCTS during the delivery. The CUSTOMERS undertake to abide by the
same rules when he/she returns the PRODUCT in a packaging at least equivalent to the packaging in
which it has been shipped by The SELLER.
The PRODUCTS shipped are folded in packaging which may differ according to the size of the
§ Non-rigid plastic bags (46.5 cm length X 34.5 cm de width), for light and thin pieces
§ Small carton box with a closing system (41.5 cm length X 52.5 cm width X 7.5 cm thick) for
light and/or medium size pieces
§ Large carton box with a closing system (57 cm length X 50 cm width X 12.5 cm thick) for
heavy and large pieces.
12.1. Guarantee of Conformity
THE SELLER is liable to deliver a compliant PRODUCT that is appropriate to the use normally
expected for a similar article and corresponding to the description provided on the WEBSITE.
However, it should be noted that the color rendering of the PRODUCT may differ from the color
rendering of the photo showed on the WEBSITE.
This conformity implies as well that the PRODUCT shows qualities that a buyer may legitimately
expect taking into account The SELLER’s statement, including advertising as well as product labelling.
In this context, The SELLER will be responsible for a lack of conformity existing upon delivery as well
as a lack of conformity resulting from the packaging.
The actions resulting in the lack of conformity are prescribed after two (2) years starting from the
PRODUCT delivery.
In case of a lack of conformity, the CUSTOMER may require the repairing or replacement of the
PRODUCT depending on his/her decision.
However, should the cost resulting from the CUSTOMER’s decision be obviously disproportionate
compared to another possible option and taking into account the PRODUCT value or the significance
of the lack of conformity, The SELLER may proceed with the reimbursement, without following the
option chosen by the CUSTOMER.
In the case where a replacement or repairing would not be possible, The SELLER undertakes to
refund the purchase price of the PRODUCT within ten (10) days from the date of receipt of the
returned PRODUCT and in exchange of the returned PRODUCT by the CUSTOMER to the following
address: Lener Cordier - Service e-commerce Maison Lener, 74 rue du milieu 59190 HAZEBROUCK.
12.2. Warranty for hidden defects
The SELLER is liable for the warranty for hidden defects in the PRODUCT sold and which render it
unfit for the use for which it was intended or which diminish its usefulness in a such manner that the
CUSTOMER would not have bought it or would have offer a lower price if he/she had known it.
(Article 1641 of the French Civil Code)
This warranty enables the CUSTOMER who can prove the presence of a hidden defect to chose
either the refund of the total price of the PRODUCT when returns or the partial refund of the price of
the PRODUCT if not returned.
In the case where a replacement or repairing would not be possible, The SELLER undertakes to
refund the purchase price of the PRODUCT within ten (10) days from the date of receipt of the
returned PRODUCT and in exchange of the returned PRODUCT by the CUSTOMER to the following
address: Lener Cordier - Service e-commerce Maison Lener, 74 rue du milieu 59190 HAZEBROUCK.
The action resulting from redhibitory defect must be brought by the CUTOMER within a period of two
(2) years following the discovery of the defect. (Paragraph 1er the article 1648 of the French Civil
The SELLER’s responsibility can under no circumstances be held liable in situations where the nonexecution
or poor execution of the contract is attributable to the CUSTOMER, in particular when
entering the order.
The SELLER shall not be held liable, or considered as having breached the conditions herein when
any delay or non-execution is due to force majeure as retained by French courts and tribunals.
It is also stated that The SELLER does not control other websites directly or undirectly linked to the
WEBSITE. Therefore, The SELLER excludes any responsibility, in respect of information published on
these other websites. The links to third parties’ websites are for illustrative purpose only and no
warranty is made for their content.
The SELLER is committed to protecting personal data.
The SELLER is collecting CUSTOMER’s personal data on the WEBSITE, including through cookies.
Cookies are small files sent to the browser and registered in the hard drive of computers, smartphone
or digital tablet. They register information related to the browser on the WEBSITE (like page views,
date and time you access to the site, etc.) that The SELLER will be able to read in the future.
CUSTOMERS may deactivate these cookies by following the instructions provided by their browser.
Cookies are used by The SELLER over a maximum period of thirteen (13) months. Beyond that
period, the company requires the consent of his customers.
The cookies policy is accessible at the following address: The CUSTOMER acknowledges having read the cookies policy.
The CUSTOMERS may at any time unsubscribe by logging into their account or click on the hyperlink
provided for this purpose at the bottom page of each offer received by e-mail. Furthermore, the
CUSTOMER may register to a list protecting him from telemarketing on the website
Personal information of his CUSTOMERS may be stored, processed and transferred by The SELLER
to his sub-contractors and/or partners, including outside the European Union, that will have access to
this information solely in strict conformity to applicable laws and regulations in force.
Furthermore, The SELLER undertakes to take appropriate organizational and technical steps in order
to guarantee a suitable level of security, integrity and confidentiality of personal data and particularly to
prevent them from being deformed, damaged or become accessible to unauthorized third parties.
According to regulation in force, the CUSTOMER benefits from a right to access, correct, oppose (for
legitimate reasons) and cancel these personal data. The CUSTOMER may withdraw his/her consent
at any time, when it constitutes a legal base of data processing and this without affecting the
lawfulness of this processing founded on the consent prior to the withdraw.
The CUSTOMER may exercise that right by sending an email at the following address: or by sending a postal mail to Lener Cordier - Service e-commerce Chemins
Blancs, 39 rue de Merville 59190 HAZEBROUCK. The customer must provide a copy of proof of
identity (identity card, passport or driving licence)
The SELLER makes available to the CUSTOMER « a CUSTOMER call Service » at the following
number: +33(0)328429111 (not surcharged call in Metropolitan France).
Any written claim from the CUSTOMER, will have to be sent to the following address: Lener Cordier -
Service e-commerce Chemins Blancs, 39 rue de Merville 59190 HAZEBROUCK
All items included in the website should it be visual or acoustic, including underlying technologies
used, are protected by the laws applicable to copyright, trademarks and/or patents.
The items are the exclusive property of The SELLER. Any individual that would publish a WEBSITE
must ask the written authorization of The SELLER.
This authorization from The SELLER will by no means be granted once and for all. The link will have
to be cancelled at The SELLER’s request. The hyperlinks towards the WEBSITE that use technics like
framing or in-line linking are strictly forbidden.
Any change in the laws or regulation in force, or any decision from a competent court that would
invalidate one or several clauses of the General Sales Terms and Conditions herein would not impact
the validity of these General sales Terms and Conditions. Such a modification or decision does not
authorize any CUSTOMER to ignore the General Sales Terms and Conditions in force.
All conditions not specifically written in these General Sales Terms and Conditions are governed
according to accepted business to customer practice, for Companies having their head office in
The General Sales Terms and Conditions set forth herein apply to all purchases made online on the
WEBSITE, as long as the WEBSITE is available online.
The General sales Terms and Conditions are dated with precision and may be modified or updates by
The SELLER any time. The General sales Terms and Conditions applicable are the one in force when
placing the order.
The modifications brought to the General Sales Terms and Conditions will not apply to PRODUCTS
already purchased before the publication of the modified General sales Terms and Conditions.
The General Sales Terms and Conditions set forth, as well as the relationships between the
CUSTOMER and The SELLER are governed under French Law.
In case of dispute, the competent jurisdiction will be the one to which the head office of the company
Lener Cordier S.A. belongs, that is Dunkerque, as the contract has been set by the head office of the
company Lener Cordier SA.
However, when a conflict related to this contract, including its validity arises, before recourse to the
judge, a mediation will be privileged, with a spirit of good faith and fair dealing in order to reach a
gentleman’s agreement.
The party wishing to launch a negotiation process, will have to inform the other party by registered
letter with an acknowledgement of receipt and detailing the elements of conflict.
Should the parties would not reach to an agreement after fifteen (15) days, then the conflict shall be
referred to the competent jurisdiction as designated below.
During the entire process of negotiation and until its outcome, the parties shall not permit any legal
action against one another and this in relation with the conflict subject to negotiation. By exception, the
parties are authorized to seize the urgent-application court (“Juge des référés”) or to ask for the
sentence of an order on request.
A potential action, in the urgent-application court or the demand for sentence of an order on request
does not involve the enunciation by both parties to the mutual agreement clause, unless the parties
expressly provide otherwise.

To the attention of:
39 rue de Merville, 59 Hazebrouck, France
Phone : +33(0)328429111,
email :
I / We (*) hereby notify you my / our (*) withdrawal from the contract for the sale of the product below:
Ordered on: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………
Reference of the product received:
Received on: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Address of the customer(s): ……………………………………………………………………………………..
E-mail contact: …………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Telephone: ……………………………………………………………………………………………….
Reason(s) for withdrawal request:
Date: ………………………………….
Signature of the customer(s):
(In case of notification of this form by letter)
* Delete as appropriate